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Report on Leadership approach at Microsoft

Number of Words : 7805

Number of References : 7


 Section 1 3
 Introduction 4
 Company Overview 5
 Identification of the Leadership Approach in Microsoft Corporation 6
 Exploration of the Theory 7
 Benchmarking Microsoft against Best Practices 15
 Individualized Consideration 16
 Intellectual Stimulation 17
 Inspirational Motivation 18
 Idealized Influence 19
 Recommendations 21
 Conclusion 22
 Bibliography 23
 Section 2 25
 Introduction 26
 Feedback Acquiring Session 26
 Findings 26
 Action Plan 29
 Conclusion 31
 Bibliography 32


The major objective of the paper is to comprehend the significance of leadership styles and management in the contemporary business environment. The organization of Microsoft Corporation has been considered for analyzing the leadership style practiced in this highly successful organization and the way in which it has directed the business process to accomplish success. In this report the prominence of the particular leadership styles which in the organization of Microsoft is being analyzed. The paper provides a brief overview of the Microsoft Corporation and recognizes the leadership approaches which are being followed in the organization. Based on the analysis of the organization the exploration of the theory of leadership is being discussed with the help of other existing literature. The paper also comprehends the best practices and compares the business activities of the organization with that to understand the difference. The paper also provides certain recommendations based on the comparison to improve the leadership styles and management efforts of the organization for betterment. In the second part of the paper the reflective statement about the individual leadership styles and the way it is likely to effect the development and growth in an organization is being illustrated. The second part of the report is mostly based on the objective investigation with the help of the peer feedback and self analysis for understanding the personal leadership style and its impact. <br />

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