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Assignment on Leadership qualifications

Number of Words : 3463

Number of References : 18


 Introduction qualities of leadership
 Purpose of the study of leadership qualifications
 Research methodology
 Literature review – Types of leadership, the quality approach, Levels of leadership
 Research findings & Discussion
 Conclusion to qualifications of a good leader


In this research paper a deep and profound study has been incorporated into the concept to understand what makes a good leaders, <b>qualities of leadership</b> and what all are the innate quality of a successful leader. The report is divided into sixth parts. First part is ‘Introduction’ which introduces the phenomenon and reveals the layout of whole plan of the report. The second part is about defining and understanding the topic to which the further study is based upon. The third part describes scheme of the ‘research methodology’ used to study the topic. The main objective of the chapter is to justify and explain the research methods, research philosophy, research approach, applied theories, data collection methods and data analyses methods used in this project. This study has been conducted with the comprehensive review of the existing literature (fourth part) which has helped in understanding the theoretical concepts and certain other researches and theories that exists in this field. Further interview method (fifth part) has also been used to evaluate the practical results by assessing what people in general feels about leaders and <b>leadership</b> attributes. The discussion has been made based on ‘research findings’ through interviews and literature review. The objective of this chapter is to analyze the results and seek answers for the research questions set in the first chapter. Finally, the last part brings the study to a close with balanced and coherent ‘Conclusion’<br />

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