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Leading and managing People assignemnt on a given scenario

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 This report is based on the following scenario -
 Your company has re-structured its operations and based on the outcome of a skills assessment exercise you have been appointed to the position of Human Resources (HR) director in the organisation. It is well known in the organisation that staff overall performance is lower than in other organisations in the same sector and that staff often get away with doing very little at work. The HR department is singled out for blame as many of the interventions and policies put forward by them to raise performance have been: poorly received; simply ridiculed; ignored or just not implemented.
 You are aware of the early work done on HRM and the performance link and high performance working especially that of Jeffrey Pfeffer in his book The Human Equation. Pfeffer went a step further to claim not only that people were at the heart of business success, but that the management requirement could be reduced to a set of seven HR policies: employment security, careful recruitment, teamwork and decentralisation, high pay with an incentive element, extensive training, narrow status differentials and lots of communication– which seem to characterise most if not all of the systems producing profits through people.
 As part of your induction and socialisation into this new role you decide to be proactive in speaking to operational staff members in order to determine the root cause of the low performance problems presented and just how effective the HR service has really been in delivering the right kind of policies to its internal customers.
 Your research exercise should culminate in a professional report of no more than 4000 words, addressed in the first instance to the organisation’s MD/CEO, reporting upon your findings and including cost-effective recommendations and an action plan to improve effectiveness, add value etc.


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