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Questions on Leading Continous improvement system & processes

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 This paper answers the following questions -
 Question 1 - Describe some strategies you have used to encourage team members to -
 a) participate in making decisions
 b) assume responsibility
 c) show initiative
 Give an example for each of these and explain how successful they were.
 Question 2 - List the skills a manager should have in order to lead a team that can adapt to continuous improvement initiatives, work independently and actively contribute to team decisions. For each skill, explain why it is important and how it can be developed.
 Question 3 - Describe the role of quality systems and continuous improvement models in the continuous improvement process. Provide examples of quality systems used in your organisation and explain how they are used.
 Question - 4 - a) Explain why it is important for organisations to meet sustainability requirements when making improvements.
 b) Give examples of where sustainability practices can be implemented in the workplace.
 Question 5 - a) Explain the role of a knowledge management system.
 b) A recent staff meeting to discuss the formation of a green office program elicited a number of suggestions and insights into sustainability practices. Explain how these can be captured in the organisation's various knowledge management systems.
 Question 6 - Imagine that your organisation has decided to improve its customer service by introducing a feedback sheet on its website, holding focus groups with customers and providing customer service training for its staff.
 a) List the actions you would take to encourage team members to discuss the issues and come up with other ideas to improve customer service.
 b) How would you let team members onow about the planned improvements?
 c) Who else will need to know about the planned improvements?
 d) Prepare a brief coaching plan for team embers to improve their customer service skills. Make sure you cater for members' preferred learning styles.


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