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Analysis of the famous case study – ‘Leveraging a Brand Asset – Dove’

Number of Words : 2350

Number of References : 7


 “Dove’s Dormancy” 3
 Dove’s $4 Billion business 3
 Competition from P & G: 5
 Effect on Dove Beauty Bar: 5
 The First Mover Advantage: 7
 “Real Beauty campaign”: 7
 Conclusion: 8


This assignment answers the following questions on the case study – <br />• Why was Dove dominant for so long?<br />• What were the keys to the success that Dove achieved in building its brand into a $4 billion business? What were the roles of success momentum and of brand differentiators?<br />• What was the role of the vigorous competitor? Would Dove have gotten there without P & G pushing the brand?<br />• Why were Dove Soap sales affected by the other Dove successors?<br />• What does this case tell you about first mover advantage?<br />• What is your opinion of the ‘Real Beauty’ campaign? Does the existence of the Axe brand affected your views?<br />

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