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Customer Communication assignment on Loreal Company – ‘You are worth it’

Number of Words : 3437

Number of References : 13

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 Introduction 3
 ‘I am Worth It’ Campaign 4
 Marketing communication Plan (SOSTAC – L’Oréal) 5
 Situation analysis – Where are we now? 6
 Objectives – Where do we want to get to? 6
 Strategy – How are we going to get there? 7
 Tactics – How do we implement the strategy? 7
 Actions – Who is going to do what and when? 8
 Control – How can we control, measure and develop the process? 8
 Critical Evaluation of the campaign 9
 Future recommendations 11
 References 13


This paper provides solution to the below questions on the ‘You are worth it’ campaign of Loreal – <br />Description : 1.description of the campaign based on the six key elements of the marketing communication plan.(SOSTOC)<br />2.Critical evaluation of the campain(based on the communication theory,competitors,target audience requirement)<br />3.Development of the future recommendations.(base on the description and the evaluation to recommend to improve the campaign)<br />

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