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Review of the Magellan Sutera Resort Malaysia

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Number of References : 9

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  Executive summary
  Resort Overview
  The location
  The climate
  The style of the resort
  The facilities of the resort
  The Magellan Sutera pricing
  Main reasons for visiting the resort
  How to reach there
  External analysis of Malaysia and prospective of tourism
  External analysis of the target market making countries
  Changes in political and legislative scenarios to affect the outbound tourism
  Trends in society values and habits
  Economic conditions and growth forecasts
  One Week Guest Activity Program
  Situational Analysis
  SWOT analysis of Magellan Sutera
  Strategic Planning
  List of References


With the growing economic condition of nations at a macro and micro level, tourism has become one of the most cash oriented industry which is not only lucrative but at the same time, connects many services together to push any economy or society to grow cumulatively. The entire world in itself grips mankind for a concept like tourism and some places treasures their unique characteristics to lead the show. Asia has been one of the leading places for tourism, both from uniqueness in characteristics, variety, and cost as well. <br />Our focus in this report is Malaysia, which is considered one of the most exciting and promising tourist destinations. Being one of the most prominent destinations in Southeast Asia, near the equator, tropical climate of Malaysia attracts tourists from across the world. We have picked up one of the most renowned five star resorts of Malaysia, Magellan Sutera and have done a complete evaluation of the prospective growth of the tourism industry in Malaysia and a view from the tourist’s perspective. <br />We obtained the complete overview of the five star resorts Magellan Sutera, we evaluated and did a comparative study of the available target market vis-à-vis potential target market for Magellan Sutera. We have done a macro analysis of the environment, society, culture, economic condition of Malaysia and how well the business strategy of Magellan Sutera fits into these blocks. We have done a SWOT analysis of the business model and tried attempting to recommend the further business strategy for Magellan Sutera. <br />Making a resort, registering it for a five star category is not very difficult for any real estate businessmen but the challenge always remains how to capture maximum market share percentage, customer satisfaction and long term retention, brand equity spread and customer brand recall is important. Therefore, our review reports stresses on the fact as to how aligned is the current business strategy of Magellan Sutera Resort, and what all changes could be done to strengthen the market share further, how could Magellan Sutera Resort could attract more tourist and capture the maximum volume of outbound tourism across the world. <br />

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