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Critique of the article - Making memories available: a framework for preserving rural heritage through community knowledge management (cKM) by Duncan Shaw and Graham McGregor

Number of Words : 3236

Number of References : 10


 Introduction 3
 Importance of the study 3
 Research problem and its significance 6
 Research Contributions 8
 Theoretical Underpinnings 8
 Research Methods 10
 Key findings and implications 11
 References 13


One of the lasting legacies of the phenomenon of globalization shall be its impact on the lifestyles of people across the world. This may be traced to the ease of access of a number of technologies and products that has changed the way people work and live. A more significant impact has been on the cultural unification of people across the world. This in turn has led to the decrease in use of traditional methods and ultimately its demise. Although the effect is marginal when observed over a short period of time, it can critically affect the culture of a nation over a period of a few decades. In addition to the natural decay of cultures, the complex mix of social, economic and cultural factors are playing their part in the disappearance of a number of languages and cultures across the world. Although there have been a number of isolated efforts from a number of people across the world, they are taking a new shape with the application of modern technologies and management methods that promise to unify efforts and have a more significant impact. Therefore, in the below sections, we will review the efforts of researchers who study a unique initiative for the cultural preservation of a small community in New Zealand and through this hope to develop a general framework which can guide other such efforts. <br />

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