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Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) strategy for Makki, Australia

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 Executive Summary
 1. Introduction
 2. Company Background and Objectives
 3. Target Market and Positioning
  3.1 Target Market
  3.2 Positioning
 4. SWOT
 5. Integration of marketing communications models & concepts
 6. Integrated Communication Strategy
  6.1 Advertising and its Objective
  6.2 Creating messages
  6.3 Sales promotion
  6.4 Selecting media
 7. Communication outcomes
 8. Conclusion


Organization needs an effective marketing strategy to make its products available at the right place at the right time to the right people. Marketing plan consists of analyzing the situation, creating the objectives for marketing, allocating budget for marketing, formulating the strategies for marketing, formulating the tactics for marketing and evaluation of the performance. Along with this analysis, the organization has to determine the communication model and tools that are to be used in order to communicate effectively about its product to its target market. Makki is a Persian Restaurant planned to be started in Australia, Objective of Makki is to penetrate in to Australian market and make the restaurant in the top list of quality restaurant. Strength and weakness of Makki, the target market, positioning strategy are considered in order to formulate an integrated marketing communication strategy. <br />

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