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Management Accounting report on Premier Foods, UK

Number of Words : 1610

Number of References : 9


 1 Background to the company – its products, processes, competitors, policies, but most of all its information needs based on the above - showing good reading of appropriate sources (a needs analysis if you like)
 2 Review of management accounting – what is it, what needs does it fulfil, what are its key techniques.
 3 The key techniques and methods that you would recommend to the company based on (1), and by definition the techniques you have decided not to recommend - and of course the justification for your choice(s). This should include some examples of decisions that could result from the new information.
 4 The strengths and weaknesses of your analysis – for example the additional information you would have liked in order to improve your analysis


Premier food is a British food company which has headquarters in St Albans, Hertfordshire. It is a member on the London Stock Exchange and constituent of FTSE 250.<br />Their primary three divisions are:<br />• Grocery- It comprises of the shelf stable grocery products.<br />• Chilled – It caters to frozen products excepting meat.<br />• Hovis- It comprises breakfast related products like bread.<br />It manufactures many other food brands of different companies. <br />Premier Food’s key competitors are Associated British Foods, Unilever, Northern Foods, Green core, Interlink and Warburton's. Despite its marketing successes, returns in Premier's bakery division remained low, while competition from Warburton’s and Allied Bakeries remained intense.<br />

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