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Managing change and Creativity assignment on Microsoft

Number of Words : 3536

Number of References : 12


 Introduction 3
 Creativity and Innovation 4
 Founders’ Creativity and Innovation 6
 Organizational Structure of Microsoft 7
 Cultural Initiatives of Microsoft 9
 Human Resource Management 10
 Microsoft and Change 11
 Challenges to Microsoft 12
 Conclusion 14
 References 15


This report provides answer to the following questions – <br />• Are the concepts of creativity and innovation relevant to Microsoft? Use examples to illustrate your points.<br />• What were the founders’ motivations in starting this creative/innovative venture? Do you see any creativity on their part? Where? How did it arise? <br />• What is the organizational structure of Microsoft? What about the effects on creativity, specifically? <br />• How do you think the organizational culture of Microsoft fosters creativity/innovation in the workplace? Have you identified any particular organizational values that achieve this?<br />• Does Microsoft offer additional perks to its employees to maintain an innovative approach to their business? Are these formal/informal?<br />• There is a popular belief that “Change is the only constant”. Has Microsoft undergone change? Has the change been triggered by internal or external triggers? Please provide examples to illustrate your point. <br />• What is the biggest challenge that Microsoft is facing? What should they do in order to maintain a competitive edge? <br />

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