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Essay on Challenges of managing change & innovation in multi-nationals

Number of Words : 1829

Number of References : 10


 Introduction on managing change and innovation
 Importance of change and innovation in the workplace
 Conclusion on change and innovation in multi-nationals
 Managing change and innovation References
 Concepts of managing change and innovation


This essay discusses the challenges that multinationals face in </b>managing</b> <b>change</b> and </b>innovation</b>. The key challenge that is identified during the discussion is that of incorporating the appropriate culture within the organization where every employee thinks like an entrepreneur. Many other challenges are identified that arise from this key challenge of having the appropriate culture. These include overcoming the resistance from employees, managing diversity, sharing of mission and vision of the organization, managing conflicts and many more. Apart from discussing the challenges, an attempt has been made to analyze what can be done to overcome these challenges. The key issue that emerged from the discussion is whether there is such a thing like appropriate culture or every organization possesses a unique culture? The conclusion drawn is that every leader and organization is different, thus a leader need to carefully assess the circumstances in which he operates and then take proactive measures to overcome the challenges.<br />

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