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Assignment on Managing change in Organizations using the example of Flyjac Logistics

Number of Words : 4497

Number of References : 19


 About the Organization 03
 2. Organization Development and Change
  Significant changes in Flyjac & its main drivers 04
 3. Management objectives in making the changes
  Need of Change in organization 08
  Objectives of the change 09
  Highlights of the real time ERP applications 09
 4. Process of Change Management 10
 5. Organizational change and knowledge management 13
 6. Measuring success of implementation 15


Either for the organisation you currently work for OR for an organisation with which you are familiar:<br />• Briefly describe a significant organisational change which has occurred within the last 5 years. Identify the main internal and external drivers of the change. <br />• Outline the key management objectives in making the change. Using the most appropriate course materials demonstrate how managers determined the requirements for change and the most effective response. <br />• Evaluate how effectively the process of change was managed. How appropriately was any resistance to it managed? <br />• Assess to what extent the change was successful in meeting its objectives. Assess the need for any further related changes. <br />

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