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Assignment on Managing Diversity

Number of Words : 4065

Number of References : 32


 1. Introduction
 2. Organisation Analysis
  2.1 Organisation Culture
  2.2 Human Resource Management System
 3. Audit Design
 4. Equality Audit Findings
  4.1 Recruitment and Selection
  4.2 Retention and Motivation
 5. Discussion
 6. Conclusion and Recommendations


This assignment answers the following questions – <br />1. Using Kirton and Greene’s Exhibit 8.3 (Reference: The Dynamics of Managing Diversity – A Critical Approach – Gill Kirton and Anne-Marine Greene Page 205) (Type of Equality and Diversity Organisation) explain which type, if any, your organisation fits within the framework outlined. i.e. The Negative Organisation; The Minimalist/Partial Organisation; The Compliant Organsiation or The Comprehensive proactive Organisation. You may find that the organisation does not “fit” ideally into one or other, as there may be overlap, as the organisation may have characteristics from more than one type. Explain clearly the rationale for your description and conclusion. This is a minor part of the assignment and will probably account for 3 pages.<br />2. Drawing upon and incorporating the literature on equality/diversity policy, and the specific policy examples, conduct an equality “audit” within the organisation which – for example – describes and analyses:<br />a) The distribution of staff in the various levels and occupations within the organisation (approximate) in terms of gender, race/nationality, disability etc. <br />b) The specific policies and procedures in place with regards to equality and diversity initiatives. <br />c) Discuss issues with regard to implementation of equality/diversity policies, including any “intangible” elements and challenges (eg. Organisational culture; management commitment). <br />d) Summaries your audit and analyze the organization’s success overall in promoting equality and diversity including any recommended actions. Make reference back to Kirton and Greene’s typology if appropriate. <br />e) Explain briefly how you did your research eg. Company documents analysed/any interviews held with key staff.<br />f) Include a full bibliography of all authors referred to in the books, journal articles or other material.<br />g) You may include no more than 6 pages of appendix material related to the organisation (eg. Company organisational charts; company documents)if required. <br />

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