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Assignment on Managing strategic innovation and change

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This assignment is based on the following assignment description – <br />You have been appointed as the Strategy consultant for an organization. The CEO hasn’t given you an explicit brief but in a rambling and confusing meeting you glean that you are expected to “look around” and make recommendations for business improvements based on your observations and discovery.<br />During your first week, you discover the following – <br />1. The company assembles and markets mid-range electronic products (DVD players etc)<br />2. It operates in a highly competitive market with low margins.<br />3. Products are distributed through chains like Target and K Marts and through small retail stores.<br />4. All component parts are imported from several Asian manufacturers.<br />5. No supplier agreements are in place with all components purchased on ad hoc basis.<br />6. There are often delays in supplying customers due to stock out of component parts.<br />7. There has been little or no growth in sales and revenue since last 3 years.<br />8. There is lack of leadership and direction coming from the CEO who has announced his retirement effective at the end of 2012.<br />9. The successor to the current CEO is yet to be nominated however the CEO’s two sons who are working for the company are vying for the position.<br />10. Among the assembly staff of 15 there are 2 qualified electronics technicians who previously worked in R & D for Sony and Microsoft. They are both nearing retirement age. <br />11. The company is a family owned business and was established in 1930s to produce radios.<br />12. Up until the late 1980s (Around the time current CEO was appointed), the company had an aggressive policy of new product development and was a major player in the electronics market.<br />Write a report explain what strategies can be placed to improve the business. <br />

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