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Questions on Managmeent Process and Organizational Behaviour

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This paper answers the following questions - <br />Q.1 Explain controlling and also discuss different types of control.<br />Q.2 Write a detailed note on Myers-Briggs type indicator.<br />Q.3 Explain the factors influencing perception.<br />Q.4 Describe the leadership Grid with the help of the diagram.<br />Q.5 Given below are certain observations done by an OD consultant for an organization dealing with manufacturing of tyres. She makes the following observations about two key people in the organization. <br />1. Mr. Raovikram – He is a very friendly person and encourages his team members by giving them recommendations and appreciation. This helps HR to decide about giving a bonus or promotion to employees. <br />2. Mr. Ranjankumar- He is an aggressive person. He frequently loses his temper. Ritu observes that he frequently punishes the non-performers and also gives them warnings regarding suspension etc.Now explain what base of power Mr. Raovikram and Mr. Ranjan Kumar belong to. Explain the type of power they use often.<br />Q.6 Write a detailed note on management theories developed during classical Era.<br />Q.7 . Write a short note on: <br />(a) Contemporary work cohort (b) Alexithymia<br />Q.8 Mr. Khanna wants to improve his conflict management skills. He visits a consultant to help him. He gives the list of situations to the consultant. <br />The situations are: <br />1. When quick, decisive action is vital (e.g., emergencies). <br />2. On important issues where unpopular actions need implementing (e.g., cost cutting, enforcing unpopular rules, discipline). <br />3. To merge insights from people with different perspectives. <br />4. When you perceive no chance of satisfying your concerns. <br />5. When issues are more important to others than to you - to satisfy others and maintain cooperation. <br />6. To gain commitment by incorporating concerns into a consensus. <br />7. On issues vital to company welfare when you know you are right. <br />Suppose that you are the consultant, first suggest appropriate approach for each situation and then explain briefly the approaches.<br />Q.9 Explain General Adaptation syndrome (GAS)<br />Q.10 What is groupthink what are its symptoms and also suggest measures to prevent groupthink.<br />Q.11 Unique fashions is a textile company .it is undergoing a process of change and expanding its business. The company is facing several obstacles. There are lot of problems related to different departments. It needs some Intervention that may help the company to diagnose its problems and developing the action plan for problem solving. The company also expects that the intervention should help in improving the relationships amongst group members of different departments.<br />

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