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Report on the Operational Management of a manufacturing unit

Number of Words : 3599

Number of References : 13


 Introduction 2
 Traditional Operations Management 3
 JIT, Jidoka and Lean Production 4
 TQM 6
 Primary Recommendations for the Company 7
 Secondary Recommendations for the Company 7
 Adoption of New Methods and Technologies 7
 Formation of Dedicated Teams to Carry Out Different Activities 9
 Monitoring of Teams 10
 Effective management of Suppliers: 11
 Work Force Management: 11
 Efficient Communication: 12
 Regular Assessments: 13
 Customer Feedbacks: 13
 Contingency plans: 13
 Advertising Policy: 14
 Conclusion 15
 References 16


– This report answers the following questions – <br />From an Operations Management perspective, answer the following question in a report format:<br />How would you as the Operations Manager, go about optimising your production and operations?<br />You need to streamline your suppliers, improving the quality of procured products, production capacity and satisfying your customers?<br />• All relevant operations management concepts learnt in this course must be used to answer this question.<br />• Also, consider how future developments in operations management may influence your plant operations.<br />• Use academic literature to justify your arguments.<br />The terms globalization and flat world are all too common today, these are the words that have special importance for the topic Operations management. Although operations management has been given its due since the development of industrialization, its significance has peaked in the free-trade era. This is the era of consumerism. Consumers today hold the key. Their demands are given more importance and are different for each industry so large companies that existed in many fields previously are either giving way to smaller specialized ones or are forced to operate on their lines. A challenge to the industries is that consumer demands are never the same and constantly keep changing. Unless industries are sensitive to acute changes of the present day consumer, they cannot survive in spite of managing production effectively and providing good quality. <br />The company in the scenario has been facing issues with suppliers as well as customers. The supply chain has too many members and as such quality of the product is varying and standardization of quality of products has been an issue since different suppliers provide parts and raw material of slightly differing quality. Apart from the need to standardize the quality by ensuring that only few quality suppliers remain in the supply chain, the company also needs a makeover in its operations management. The company in question has been following traditional operations management methods. The traditional operations management method has been adopted as a result of hierarchical organizational architecture. The report discusses these issues of the company in the scenario. The report also discusses traditional operations management and the latest invention of methods in operations management. In the light of the discussion the report recommends the company in question to adopt the latest operations management methods such as Jidoka, Just In Time, Lean Production. The report also recommends the company to adopt TQM or total quality management in all its operations to ensure overall effectiveness and efficiency across all its processes. The report finally provides guidelines for the company to deal the issues with operations management. The report also discusses and recommends some of the vital operations of the organization that are lacking in effectiveness and the ways to improve them. <br />

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