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Marketing brief on the Business expansion to Cambodia

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  Macro Economical Factors of Cambodia


Business expansion is a phase in a company’s life that is full of opportunities and risks. But it comes with increase in financial fortunes for everyone involved in the business. In every business the first step of expansion is to do a thorough study of the location where the company wants to expand. There are some factors which need to be considered such as social, economic, technological, competitive and regulatory issues. The proper analysis of all these factors will help in proper set up of the business in the new location. If any of these are ignored it can lead to a poor response and it might end up in heavy losses. It can give a bad image to the company and de-motivate the employees to some extent (Wood, 2010, p1-30). This report talks about one such marketing approach in one of the South Asian country- Cambodia. The report is about studying on which business will make a significant mark in the country. Cambodia is the country adjacent to Thailand and Vietnam. It is officially called as ‘Kingdom of Cambodia’ and is a constitutional monarchy and operated as a parliamentary representative democracy. The major exports of the country are garments, fisheries and rubber and the major imports are construction materials, motor vehicles and petroleum products. <br />

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