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Dissertation proposal on the concept of Marketing Effectiveness

Number of Words : 2522

Number of References : 12


  Researchable Topic
  Aims and Objectives for the Research (Background and Issue/Issues underlying the research)
  Literature Review that will provide the academic underpinning
  Sources of data/information you anticipate using
  Access/Research ethics
  Possible techniques to be used for data/information analysis/interpretation
  Potential Outcomes of your piece of research
  Timetable for your research covering the whole period of time available (by month)


The success of any company in today’s highly professional and competitive world depends on how its products are marketed. Designing and developing a product is always the primary concern for the company but this alone does not lead to the cash flow. Marketing of the product is what makes the consumers and customers take notice of the products. Companies spend big bucks on marketing their products to the real world. This brings us to the question of how to measure the effectiveness of the strategies and marketing principles adopted by the companies. Whether the investments made on marketing is justified and are they producing good dividends or not. This concept of understanding the effectiveness of marketing strategies and plans is termed as Marketing Effectiveness. This new concept of Marketing effectiveness gaining momentum in the recent times has had the companies thinking. Companies are coming up with new ideas and ways to measure marketing effectiveness and this forms the core of the following research. <br />

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