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Assignment exploring different aspects of Marketing Management

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 This paper answers the below questions on Marketing Management –
 As marketing manager for a service organisation of your choice you have been tasked to prepare a report for the marketing director which;
 1 Identifies those aspects of the extended marketing mix which may be particularly effective in both winning but also maintaining customers
 2 Discuss the key characteristics of services and the main problems which face your marketing team when trying to reposition the service and market an experience
 3 Discuss how the marketing communications mix, could be used to build corporate identity and encourage sales growth via existing and new customers


Marketing mix models are used by marketers to design marketing strategies for their product or service. The marketers make use of this model for optimal utilization of resources in production of goods and services. The marketing mix can be adjusted so as to meet the changing demand of the customers. The marketing mix comprises of 4 Ps of Marketing as product, price, place and promotion. The extended P’s of Marketing Mix are people, process and physical evidence. The additional three P’s have been introduced in marketing as the market is more customers oriented. The service marketing is playing a dominating role in the market. Services market are increasing in importance and growing at a faster pace as compared to the product market. They comprise of set of activities, benefits in relation to the product sold out. <br />

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