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Marketing management report on McDonalds

Number of Words : 3129

Number of References : 9


 Marketing and marketing models 2
 McDonalds: one of the largest fact food organizations 2
 Marketing Model: STP model (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning) 2
 Marketing Model: Marketing mix model 4
 Future Marketing objectives of McDonalds 5
 After reviewing the current position of the McDonalds’s product, some future objectives of McDonalds can be described. The followings objectives are: 5
 Strategically implementation of marketing plan 6
 After reviewing the future objective of the McDonalds’s organization and product, some future marketing strategically implementation of marketing plan of McDonalds can be described. The followings marketing plans are: 6
 Detailed Integrated Marketing Communications plan of McDonalds 7
 References 8
 Annexure 9
 Key areas of study and research


This report is based on the following requirement - <br />As a marketing consultant, construct a business report for an organisation of your choice, covering the following five aspects of Marketing Management:<br /> • With the use of appropriate marketing models and concepts, critically examine the current market position of one of your chosen organisation`s products.<br /> • In the light of the above findings, state and justify 3 Marketing objectives that your chosen organisation should pursue for this product over the next 3 year period.<br /> • Critically evaluate how and why the organisation`s Marketing plans for your chosen product must be strategically planned over the 3 year period.<br /> • Prepare and critically examine a detailed Marketing Communications plan for your chosen product, covering the 3 year planning period.<br /> In each of these tasks, demonstrate the key marketing principles and deploy marketing tools, techniques and models to both analyse the issues that your client organisation faces and to recommend marketing management solutions. <br /> • In the Annexure to the report, you must outline the key areas of study and research you have undertaken in a Gantt chart and then specify the literature and other evidence sources you have used to complete the requirements of this assignment. <br />

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