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A Report on Marketing Orientation & its implications on an Organization

Number of Words : 2761

Number of References : 7


 This report answers the following questions:
 1. What is a market orientation?
 2. How can a market orientation benefit an organisation?
 3. Select and analyse an organisation and determine how market oriented it is. You MUST utilise the Narver and Slater (1990) tool or other similar tool as a basis for analysis.
 4. Develop a list of recommendations with a time bound schedule for action that includes the key considerations for the above organisation to become more market oriented.


The report has been prepared to get an idea about the factor of market orientation in business. This term is being widely used since 1990 and the objectives of the report is to show its importance in running the business successfully in today’s modern world. The objectives of the report is to define and describe the advantages of market orientation in today’s world. An organization of repute has been studied in the report and suggestions has been made on various measures which the organization can adopt in order to become market oriented and hence can remain ahead of its competitotrs in terms of customer satisfaction in the long run.<br />The reprt had a great scope of research as market orientation is becoming the central nerve line of existence in today’s modern world of business. As the economy is shifting towards service sector, the scope of research widens as customer satisfaction is a very important factor in service sector business. The identified organization can also take many steps for becoming more market oriented and this has widened the scope of research to a great extent<br />

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