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Marketing plan for Bio Systems Engineering

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 Introduction 2
 Marketing Mix Analysis 3
 Product 3
 Price 4
 Place 4
 Promotion 5
 Marketing Objectives 5
 Recommendations and Action Plan 6
 Product Development Plan 6
 Lean Production Plan 7
 Distributor Network Establishment Plan 7
 Marketing Communication Plan 8
 Conclusion 9
 References 10


Biosystems Engineering as discussed earlier is an Australian consultancy firm which aims to produce innovative, safe and environment friendly solutions for agriculture, food, forestry, water and energy sectors (Biosystems, 2012). They are involved in research and development projects for government bodies, city council and many other institutions. They have executed projects for a range of advanced technology machinery, research equipment, systems for analyzation and evaluation (Biosystems, 2012). It has a list of clients who mostly are from Australia. National Center for Engineering in Agriculture is the government body who acts as an affiliate commercially. Biosystems Engineering has a joint venture with Future Farm Industries Cooperative Research Center (FFICRC) to design innovative farming methods and technologies to help improve the agricultural production inspite of the changes in climate (Biosystems, 2012) .The Company has good clients within Australia but has not expanded itself internationally except for Canada and New Zealand. It is a small scale company and depends on funding to carry out major innovations (Biosystems, 2012). Thus it can be figured out that the company has poor corporate communication, lack of effective marketing, non-effective online presence. Thus company has a limited market which can lead to saturation of the business. Due to limited market and range of products the business can be affected if it does not implement strategies to explore for new products and regions.The products cost is at a higher range since the products are designed to serve the desired expectation of the clients which involves advanced technology and technical experts to design and implement. The company has its base only at Toowoomba (Biosystems, 2012) and does not have any offices elsewhere, which is not very feasible for the clients to visit and discuss the projects. The company has very limited online presence and does not discuss much about the product specification, features etc. Currently the company is dependent on the clients within the country which might saturate so there is a necessity for them to explore new regions by extensive promotions and tie-ups. This paper identifies the shortfalls in the marketing efforts of Bio Systems Engineering and provides action plan to overcome the those limitations in order for the company to achieve higher productivity and profitability.<br />

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