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Marketing plan for Bank Muscat Oman

Number of Words : 2707

Number of References : 11


 Introduction 1
 Environmental Analysis of Bank Muscat 1
 Macro environmental analysis - PESTLE 1
 Political 1
 Economic 2
 Social 3
 Technological 3
 Legal 4
 Environmental 4
 Micro environmental Analysis - Porter's five forces 4
 Bargaining power of suppliers 5
 Bargaining power of buyers 5
 Threat of substitutes 5
 Threat of new entrants 6
 Degree of rivalry 6
 SWOT Analysis of Bank Muscat 6
 Strengths 6
 Weaknesses 7
 Opportunities 7
 Threats 7
 Market segmentation 8
 Market Plan 8
 Recommendations Using Marketing Mix 9
 Product 9
 Price 9
 Place 10
 Promotion 10
 Physical evidence 10
 People 10
 Process 11
 Evaluation and Control 11
 Budget 12
 References 13


Effective marketing strategy is crucial to the success of an organization since it is through marketing that the companies will be able to achieve increased market share and market presence in order to increase the profitability of the organization (Perriault et al., 2013). Bank Muscat has been the leading consumer bank in Oman for decades now (Times of Oman, 2014). This report studies the internal and external environments in which bank Muscat operates. The report attempts to identify the target market segment for the bank. The report will then propose an effective marketing strategy for bank Muscat in order for it to continue retain its market leadership position.<br />

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