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Marketing plan for increasing the sale for a multi-national corporation in South east Asia region

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 This report is based on the following requirement -
 The Context
 You are the Regional Marketing Manager of a large multinational corporation involved in multiple fast moving consumer products. You are based in Singapore with responsibility for South East Asia.
 The Task
 You are given the task to review one of the product line which is experiencing declining sales and market share and to formulate a new Marketing Plan to increase sales and marketing initially in Malaysia which has the largest market share and then to the other countries within the South East Asia region and to present this new Marketing Plan to the Regional Marketing Director for South East Asia before implementation.
 Your marketing plan will consist of FIVE key sections: 1. Executive Summary
 2. Situation Analysis (Marketing Audit) 3. Marketing Objectives
 4. Marketing Strategies and Programmes 5. Marketing Monitors and Controls


Organizations are able to sustain their position in the market through effective marketing strategies as it enables them to engage with the customers and apply strategies in response to customer needs and environmental conditions. Marketing strategies enable organizations to create awareness about the products and services to its potential customers. Marketing strategies are influenced by internal and external factors and applying strategies based on the information gathered from the analysis of the internal and external environmental factors, which include organizational strengths and weaknesses, level of competition, political, social and economic condition, customer needs and expectations. Based on the analysis marketing objectives can be effectively identified and effective strategies can be implemented to achieve the desired objectives. ABC Beverage plans to launch new energy drink XYZ, which is made of natural ingredients. There is increased scope of the product being well-accepted in Malaysia as there is increasing number of people who are opting for energy drinks to overcome their stress due to work or study. The company aims to achieve the objective of gaining 5% of the market share within the first year, which can be achieved by offering the product through supermarkets and well-known distributors. ABC Beverage will be able to position itself effectively in the market by launching the product through well-known distributors and supermarkets and by providing effective discounts. <br />

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