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Marketing plan for the company of Gold Roast to enter into the Middle East market

Number of Words : 5623

Number of References : 22


 Executive Summary 3
 Environment Analysis 4
 STEEP Analysis 4
 Social 4
 Technological 4
 Economic 5
 Environmental 5
 Political 6
 Strength 7
 Weakness 7
 Opportunities 8
 Threats 8
 Market Analysis 8
 Porters Five Forces Analysis 10
 Analysis of Four functions of management 11
 Marketing Strategy 12
 Objective 12
 Target Market 13
 Market Positioning 14
 Marketing Mix 14
 Product 15
 Price 15
 Promotion 16
 Place 16
 Planning assumption 17
 Projected sales and cost 17
 Sensitivity and contingency plan 19
 Implementation 19
 Gantt chart 21
 Conclusion 22
 General summary 22
 Recommendation 22
 Bibliography 24


The major objective of the paper is to evaluate the market of Middle East and to develop a marketing plan for the company of Gold Roast to enter into the Middle East market. Gold Roast is a coffee retailing store and restaurant chain established in Singapore. The company is planning for its business expansion for the region of Middle East. <br />For the business expansion into a developing economy definitely have a numerous prospects and growth opportunities for the company yet the risks for the developing markets are also to be evaluated for ensuring the success of the business. An elaborated environmental analysis has been done in the paper for the market of Middle East to comprehend the favorable and nor favorable condition of the region at present. A number of strategic tools has been employed to evaluate the current external conditions of Middle East, namely, STEEP analysis, SWOT, Porter’s five forces etc. <br />The paper also develops extensive marketing strategies and marketing plan for the company of Gold Roast to enter successfully into the Middle East market. For developing the marketing plan the identification of the key marketing objectives of the company and the target customer of Gold Roast has being highlighted. The marketing mix which would be applied by the company as a apart of their marketing strategy has been explained in the paper. <br />The budget for the marketing plan and the contingency planning of the company has also being developed. The implementation calendar and the different phases of the marketing plan have also been provided to facilitate the expansion plan of the company. The paper concludes with a number of recommendations for the next 5 years of planning for Gold Roast to establish successfully into the Middle East market. <br />

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