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Marketing plan for a Hospitality Organization

Number of Words : 1922

Number of References : 8


 Introduction 3
 Business Characteristics and Operations 3
 Mission 3
 Objective 4
 Macro Environmental Analysis 4
 PEST Analysis 4
 Political 4
 Economical 5
 Social 5
 Technological 5
 Micro Environmental Analysis 6
 SWOT Analysis 6
 Strengths 6
 Weaknesses 6
 Opportunities 6
 Threats 7
 Location Choice 7
 Potential Target Market 7
 Competitor Analysis 8
 Conclusion 8
 References 10


Macro and Micro environmental analysis are very essential for every business for their sustainability and to have competitive advantage in the market. The analysis provides the information on changing market forces and evaluates if the organization’s has capabilities to face those challenges. The organizations can also use the information while venturing in to new business since it will provide an outline for them about how they can enter the market successfully and gain the market share. CRL Holidays Pte Ltd which already has a travel business is planning to expand its business by introducing golf travels in its services. Its existing business is based in Singapore and hence it has opted to start its new venture in this country due to increasing number of tourists, business travellers and transit passengers. The external and internal analysis along with competitor analysis and identification of potential target market has enabled the company to strategize its plans to establish its new business successfully in the market. Though it faces significant competition from other travel agencies it can understand the customer’s expectations and introduce new golf travel options which can attract the exiting customers and the new customers<br />

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