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Marketing Plan Task for Mercedes Benz Oman

Number of Words : 2224

Number of References : 8


 Executive Summary 2
 Situational Analysis of the Current Market and Company 2
 PEST – Oman 2
 SWOT Analysis 4
 Competition and Consumer Behavior 6
 Market Segmentation 6
 Marketing Plan Objectives 7
 Marketing Mix Strategy Recommendations 8
 Evaluation and Control 9
 Budget 9
 References 11


This report is based on the following requirement - <br />According to Clive Hammond, CEO of Zawawi Trading Company Automotive, Mercedes-Benz Oman has a “continuing commitment to delivering the Best Customer Experience” (12th June, 2016).<br />Based on the aforementioned, you have been approached by Clive Hammond, in your capacity as a Marketing Consultant, to develop a marketing plan for Mercedes-Benz Oman, with the objective of enhancing customer experience and satisfaction for the next two years.<br />Your Marketing Plan must include the following:<br />• Executive Summary<br />• Current market and company situational analysis, including the competition, consumer behaviour, SWOT and/or PEST analyses.<br />• Market Segmentation- this should emanate from your market situational analysis. You must identify current and possibly new market segments for Mercedes-Benz Oman. I would suggest that you focus only on the motor car segments.<br />• Marketing Plan Objectives – must be specific and realistic.<br />• Marketing mix strategy recommendations- these should stem from the market and company situational analysis. Your recommendations must be relevant to the segments identified in your market situational analysis. <br />• Evaluation and Control – how would the plan be monitored? What tools would you employ?<br />• Budget- provide a costing for each of your marketing mix strategy. I do not expect you to come up with specific figures, but your costing should be based on research.<br />

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