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Marketing plan for ‘SERVICE ONLINE’

Number of Words : 2330

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 Overview of the Organisation and the Brand
 Company Overview
 Product/Service Review
 Brand Review
 Competitors Analysis
 Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning


Founded in 2004, Service OnLine is a business, providing assistance for consumers (home owners particularly) to find/locate and book trade services (carpenters, plumbers, electricians, landscapers). Service OnLine is a privately owned company, employing 18 staff in addition to the owner who holds the position of Director within the organisation. <br /> In the last 5 years the Service OnLine team has grown from 4 to 18 and sales revenue has increased by an average of 26% per annum.<br />Mission <br />To achieve profitable growth by creating a positive service experience for our customers. <br />Business Philosophy<br />Service OnLine believes integrity and transparency are paramount in their business – to enforce their philosophy Service OnLine does not receive any rebates or commissions from suppliers (tradespeople) and operates on behalf of its customers at all times.<br />Product Line <br />Service OnLine acts as an online call centre for customers who are seeking assistance to identify a reliable, experienced, qualified tradesperson. <br />In many cases the customer has an urgent need for a skilled tradesperson – a hot water system has broken, their fridge has stopped working or they may need to repair a wall due to water damage left by a storm. <br />The customer will want quality, reliable service from efficient staff that can identify a number of skilled tradespeople to meet their needs and fix their problem. <br />The customer will need to visit the Service OnLine website and enter details of their problem (broken hot water system, broken fridge etc) on the online enquiry form. Service OnLine will receive the enquiry, identify the needs of the customer and email the customer back directly with details of suitable, experienced tradespeople. If required the customer can also book the chosen tradesperson and organise a time for them to visit their home and fix their problem. <br /> The customer will receive an invoice for this service which will need to be payed via credit card over the internet. <br />

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