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Marketing Research proposal on ANZ Bank

Number of Words : 3750

Number of References : 15


 Introduction 2
 About ANZ 2
 Problem Statement 3
 Research Objectives 4
 Proposed Research Method 5
 Qualitative Research Method 6
 Sample Plan 7
 Population & Sampling 7
 Sample Frame 7
 Sample Size Calculation 8
 Sampling Method 8
 Sample Validation 9
 Quantitative Research Method 9
 Data Collection Methods 10
 Research Instrument Design 11
 Quality of Research Instrument and Measurement Scales 12
 Ethical Considerations 13
 Proposed Timetable 14
 Proposed Budget 15
 Conclusion 15
 References 16


In today’s competitive world, organizations have to invest on marketing research to sustain and grow in their respective market. The organizations have to recognize the issues within the organization or in their products and services and also consider the customers’ expectations and improvise their processes constantly. The research proposal discusses the problem of ANZ Bank, Australia and provides the research method to analyze and determine best solution to the research problem.<br />

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