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Marketing Research report on 3D Doodler Pen to market in Singapore

Number of Words : 3244

Number of References : 9


 1. Corporate and product profile
 2. Research objective
 3. Research methodology
 3.1 Research design
 3.2 Questionnaire design
 3.3 Sampling plan
 3.4 Methods and data analysis
 4.Findings and analysis
 5. Recommendation
 Marketing recommendations
 Further research opportunities
 Figure 1
 Figure 2


This report is based on the following requirement - <br />Conduct a primary marketing research for 3D doodler pen (<br />that you plan to market to Singapore in the form of a questionnaire survey comprised of 15 to 20 items. You are required to submit a formal report for this assignment and present your findings in class. <br />

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