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Marketing research report on Health and Fitness Centre

Number of Words : 2033

Number of References : 6


 This report is based on the following requirement -
  You are working as Marketing Assistant for a Health and Fitness Centre in Hatfield (NB You may choose another location if you wish), and falling numbers of members mean that there is concern about the competition in the area, in terms of facilities offered, pricing, and other issues
 This assignment assumes that you are working as Marketing Assistant. The Marketing Director, who is concerned about the issues identified above, has asked you to:
 Carry out some preliminary secondary research on the area so that you have access to all relevant published information (NOT, REPEAT NOT, PRIMARY RESEARCH. You are preparing a BRIEF FOR A MARKET RESEARCH COMPANY TO RESPOND TO – they are the ones who will be carrying out the primary research)
  Clearly identify relevant research objectives – no more than six
  Prepare a brief to be sent out to a number of market research companies, so that they can respond with an appropriate proposal.


Health and fitness has become very crucial for all the individuals across all the nations due to the sedentary lifestyle, changing environment and food habits. This has led to increase in the demand for health and fitness center. The research proposal includes, research problem, research objectives and timescale for the research to be carried out on ABC Health & Fitness Center’s issue of decreasing number of membership. The proposal includes secondary data, which would be required during the research.<br />

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