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Marketing Strategy report on Loreal Paris

Number of Words : 5909

Number of References : 25

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 Summary 3
 Introduction 4
 Terms of Reference 4
 Objectives 5
 Situational Analysis 6
 SWOT Analysis of L'Oreal Paris 7
 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis 8
 Differential Advantages 9
 Analysis 12
 Segmentation Targeting & Positioning (STP) 13
 Marketing Objectives and goals (SMART) 17
 Marketing Strategies and Programs (4P's) 19
 Measurements and Control 24
 Conclusion 24
 References 25
 Bibliography 29
 Appendices 30


The following report attempts to examine the marketing strategy of L’Oreal Paris with respect to their product Men Expert Hydra Sensitive after-shave balm in the Australian market. Subsequent to the examination of the strategy, a marketing plan is developed for the company so that it can achieve 20% of the after-shave market valued at Aus $12 million and sustain it for the first 3 years and increase it to 30%, valued at Aus $18 million, after this period. Various marketing tools and techniques are used for the analysis since the Australian market represents unique customer segments. The product is developed for the mass market and hence a number of advertising channels are used. Measurement and control mechanisms are also incorporated.<br />It is found that the market is extremely competitive with the presence of local as well as global players. At the same time, the market is growing rapidly and an increasing number of potential customers are using the product regularly. Given the global nature of the brand and other differential advantages, L’Oreal Paris can achieve its market objectives through the use of the following marketing plan. <br />

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