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Marketing Decision Analysis assignment on Sony

Number of Words : 1778

Number of References : 5


 A word about the compamy 1
 Background & History 1
 Financial Analysis 4
 Market Performance 4
 Customer satisfaction 5
 Performance and profitability 6
 Market Segmentation 7
 Peer Group Analysis- A comparison with samsung and Apple iphone 8
 Overview 8
 Market share & Finance 9
 Conclusion 10


Sony is a Japanese multinational company dealing mainly into electronics goods. The products highly targets consumers and professional markets. It’s one of the world's largest media conglomerates with revenue exceeding ¥7.730.0 trillion or $78.88 billion U.S. (FY2008) (Source: Financial Report, Sony, 2009). Its segmentation of business is divided mainly into five operating lines- electronics, games, entertainment (motion pictures and music), and financial services & others.<br />While Sony Ericsson came into origin as telecommunication branch with the merger of Sony and Swedish company Ericson and is now a successful top global industry player in the mobile handset market with sales of over 100 million phones in 2007 and operations in over 80 countries including manufacturing and R&D sites in China, Europe, India, Japan and North America. Sony Ericsson was established as a 50:50 joint venture by Sony and Ericsson in October 2001, with global corporate functions located in London.<br />“Ericson primarily supplies network equipment and services that enable telecommunication. Through the Sony Ericson mobiles communication joint venture a range of mobile handset and other mobile devices including those that enhance multimedia applications and other personal communication services are offered.” (Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericson 2006).<br />Sony Ericson is responsible for product design and development, as well as marketing, sales, distribution and customer services. Where 1/3rd of its handsets are produced in China, rest 2/3rd of production line is divided in several countries in Asia, Latin America and Europe.<br />

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