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Services Marketing Plan for Starwood Hotels

Number of Words : 2353

Number of References : 11

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 1. Overview or Summary 3
 2. Services Marketing objectives for your overall firm 3
 3. Strategy 4
 4. Services marketing mix 4
 4.1. Product 5
 4.2. Price 5
 4.3. Place 5
 4.4. Promotion 6
 4.5. People 6
 4.6. Process 7
 4.7. Physical evidence 7
 5. Services marketing tactics 8
 5.1. Public relationship 8
 5.2. Event sponsoring 8
 5.3. Magazine advertisement 8
 5.4. Corporate tie-up 9
 6. Implementation marketing timeline 9
 7. Services Marketing Contingency’s 10
 8. Conclusion 11


The report describes the environmental analysis on Starwood hotel. it was basically a market analysis, that helped in understanding the market scenario, the hotel industry scenario f Starwood hotel. According to the findings of the previous report, Starwood is doing well in the market but facing problem due to increasing cost of services in the market. Another problem is to build a unique brand image for all the brands of the organization. To increase the total revenue further with the help of new lucrative offers for the customers. The strategies suggested for the organization are to work on pricing strategies, increase customer experience, and try to increase revenue through volumes instead of price.<br />

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