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Report on the marketing strategy with a view to gaining and retaining members at CIWEM (Chartered Institution of Water & Environmental Management)

Number of Words : 3251

Number of References : 20


 1. Background
 2. Situational analysis:
 2.1 The business environment
 2.2 Strengths and weaknesses
 2.2.1 Strengths
 2.2.2 Weaknesses
 2.2.3 Preliminary assessment of strengths and weaknesses
 2.3 Opportunities and threats
 2.3.1 Opportunities
 2.3.2 Threats
 2.3.3 Preliminary assessment of the opportunities and threats
 2.4 Porter’s 5 Force Model
 Figure 1: Porters Five model. Source: (Josefsson and Baaner, 2011:474)
 2.4.1 The Threat of new entrants to this industry or market:
 2.4.2 Power of the Customers
 2.4.3 Power of Suppliers
 2.4.5 Availability of alternatives
 2.4.6 Competitive Rivalry
 2.5 BCG MATRIX for the members of CIWEM:
 3. Strategic imperatives
 3.1 Strategies to retain members:
 4. Principal assumptions underlying the plan
 5. Preliminary marketing objectives
 6. The target market
 7. Positioning statement
 8 The Marketing Mix
 8.1 Pricing:
 8.2 Placement & Positioning:
 8.3 Promotion:
 9. Implementation and control
 10. Budgets
 11. Strategies to attract new Membership:
 12. Conclusion
 12. References


This report is based on the following requirement - <br />CIWEM is the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management, and our vision for the future is to become the ‘premier environmental institution’.<br />We have a working group that focuses primarily on Recruitment and Retention of members, i.e how to recruit members, and how to keep the members that we already have. The ultimate objective of the group is to increase the membership. Our target is 1% a year, which equates to around 450-500 additional members per annum, once resignations are taken into accounts.<br />Your assignment is to create a marketing strategy with a view to gaining and retaining members at CIWEM. The three main areas that we would like you to focus on are:<br /> • CIWEM’s brand, scope and unique selling point<br /> • Improving the effectiveness of marketing activities<br /> • Adding value to members<br />

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