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New Venture Strategy assignment on McDonalds

Number of Words : 2863

Number of References : 13


 Introduction 3
 McDonald’s Corporation China 4
 Measurement of Success of a New Venture in an Alien Market – Literature Review 5
 External Scanning 6
 Internal Scanning 8
 Strategic HRD 11
 Recommendations 12
 Conclusion 12
 References 13


When an organization starts a new venture in an alien country, the success or failure of the venture depends upon many factors. Some may be internal to the organization and some of the reasons may be external to the organization. Internal reasons could be organizational architecture with power centre at the top management, insufficient capital to sustain initial failures etc. External factors to the organization that contribute to the success or failure of the venture could be political, cultural, religious, demographic and the availability of technology and resources. The organization may have a successful business in its home country over the years. However, the success of its international venture cannot be taken for granted. McDonald’s successfully ventured into conservative Chinese market by carefully studying the environmental influence for a few years. It is currently flourishing in niche market segment of China. The paper recommends McDonald’s to enter the in-line fast food segment, which is currently dominated by KFC taking into consideration vast market potential of China.<br />

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