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Dissertation on Measuring Marketing and its impact on Return-on-Investment in a business

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 Executive Summary
 Aims & Objective
 2.1 Data Collection
 2.2 Limitations
 Literature Review, Analysis & Discussion
 3.1 Marketing Communication
 3.2. Corporate Strategy & Return on Investment
 3.3 Marketing Strategy
 3.4 Difference between a corporate strategy and marketing strategy
 3.5 Methods of Measuring Marketing ROI
 3.5.1 Internal measuring tools
 3.5.2 External measurement tools
 3.5.3 The measurable – what are measured?
 3.5.4 Long-term planning as well as designing a response oriented system
 3.5.5 Create a group for control for a more-accurate measurement of the marketing campaign
 Measurement metrics
 4.1 Specific attribution of marketing campaign
 4.2 Automated as well as visual reporting and analytic tools
 5.1 Challenges of Small & Mid-sized companies
 5.2 Challenges in Large enterprises
 Technology & its contribution to measuring marketing
 Analysis & Discussion
 7.1 Key Performance Indicators for Marketing
 7.2 Data sanitization & dissemination of information
 7.3 The measuring marketing tools
 Conflict Management


Marketing activities today are being measured for the return on investments they generate and not only the brand visibility have they created. Marketing of the products and services produced or generated by a firm is the most essential thing, but at the same time, it is becoming increasingly important that each step of marketing are measured and checked. Any marketing activity of a firm is invested with a lot of capital expenditure and hence, in a tough market like today, where saving is imperative for each function within the organization, it is important that a measured return on such capital investments are identified. <br />Marketing is one of the core functions for a firm, therefore, if other functions can showcase a tangible benefit and quantify it also, marketing department cannot stay aloof from this concept. However, the process of such quantification becomes thousand times difficult and complex for marketing department than any other function. A marketing activity is always a combination of many sub-activities such as advertising, sales promotion, sales and distribution, and pricing. When it comes to sales or retail sales, it is also more or less quantifiable immediately however, corporate sales could hardly be forecasted and budgeted for. <br />In this report our key area of research has been how to measure marketing activities and show a tangible impact on the profitability of a firm. How could we measure return on investments made on marketing activities within a firm. This is primarily because, without the visibility of substantial return on capital invested, no management would want to go on making investments, and therefore, it is essential to quantify the efforts put in. We assessed the technical know-how of measuring marketing in this report. <br />

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