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Report on the various methods of Business communication and their importance in the modern words using examples of several Australian Companies

Number of Words : 4013

Number of References : 20


 Introduction 3
 Research objectives 4
 Methodologies 5
 Company Overview 5
 Literature review 7
 Research results 9
 Discussions 13
 Conclusion 14


In the digital economy, communication reaches new horizons and infinite possibilities. Today the world is conquered by the communication. Hence the major consequence of the new economical order: the tyranny of communication. People are forced to communicate in order to survive and thrive. The emergence of modern communication compels individuals to adapt to the new exigencies of communication.<br />In the present context any successful business entity must be open, adaptive, dynamic, proactive, and must have a strong structure and communication strategy. Strategic communication refers to the means of integrating the communication problems within the business. It assumes a cause/effect relation between communication activities and achieving business objectives. In other words, communication is both a cause of achieving the objectives of the company, and their effect. So, within the company, the strategic communication system, can be used as an engine to the creation, management and dissemination of an organizational excellence in products’ production, in the business process and in the human capital management.<br />

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