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Analysis of the famous case study – “Micro enterprises”

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 This paper analyses the following case study –
 Fred Rosen has been working at Micro Enterprises for 12 years as their key sales manager. He has been a successful salesperson, having developed strong customer relationships. Micro Enterprises is a small organisation employing 20 people and is owned by the founder, Melanie Softel.
 The organisation has been growing steadily since being established in 1985. Melanie has recently been advised by her accountant that Micro Enterprises is in a suitable position to take over their main competitor, Macro Enterprises. A takeover would see the business expand two fold and increase the customer base by 200 %.
 Melanie excited by the future for her business calls a meeting with all staff as soon as she acquires the new business. “I have great news for you” announced Melanie with excitement. “We have taken over Macro Enterprises which means doubling our workload and we will be bringing in new people to manage the customers”.
 Melanie went on to explain the nature of the change process, how the management structure would change and the new way of dealing with customers.
 The words hit Fred like a hammer. This was news to him, no one had told him about this change process. He is a key part of the management team and Melanie has just announced there will be a change in structure. How would this impact his day to day work life, the power he has in the organisation? Will he be happy?
 Fred went home that night without any answers to his queries; he could not talk to Melanie as she was in meetings all day. At home he announces to his wife during dinner that he will be leaving Micro Enterprises.


This paper answers the following questions on the case study – <br />1. Why do you think Fred wishes to leave Micro Enterprises? <br />2. What is your opinion about Melanie’s approach to announcing the change to her staff? <br />3. How would you have approached this change if you were in Melanie’s position?<br />

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