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Short report on Ministerial pay debate in Singapore

Number of Words : 1540

Number of References : 6


 This report is based on the following scenario –
 The Singapore ministerial pay has been the subject of much debate after the 2011 General Elections. At the Parliamentary debate on political salaries on 17 January
 2012, PM Lee Hsien Loong was quoted to have said,
 “[I]t’s vital for us to get a pay system which works for us. Because this is not just about how much money ministers will get, but it’s about Singapore’s future. It’s about ensuring that
 Singapore always has a good government, leaders who care for our future, who have strong abilities to carry out the responsibility of ministers and the character to handle pressure and the mettle to provide steady leadership in a crisis. And if we can get that right, then we can protect what we have achieved and build better lives for all. If not, the little red dot will become the black spot. I don’t believe that salaries were a make or break issue for any of those who have come in, but I have no doubt that proper salaries have made it easier for me to build the team which I have today and to provide the best service which we can to
 Singaporeans to govern the country”


This report answers the following 2 questions – <br />a) Some of the concerns of a sociologist include class, status, and power. Present in about 650 words, the perspective of a sociologist on the issue of ministerial pay debate and its impact. You need to demonstrate competency in your discussion on at least 2 key concepts used in sociology.<br />b) Search for another academic journal or news article that presents the perspective of another discipline (apart from sociology) on the ministerial pay debate. In about 650 words, outline a brief summary of your selected journal or news article, and present this different perspective with the use of at least 2 key concepts used in this discipline.<br />

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