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Analysis of the famous case study – “MIS Project Management at First National Bank (FNB)”

Number of Words : 4613

Number of References : 15


 Executive Summary 2
 Introduction 3
 The Industry and the Organization 4
 The Industry 4
 The Organization 4
 Discussion and Analysis 6
 Traditional Projects 6
 IT Projects 11
 Projects at FNB 14
 Conclusion 16
 References 17


In demonstrating the importance of projects in an organization, the below case study examines the projects at FNB (First National Bank) and determines the qualities it possess. By taking into account the available literature both on traditional projects as well as that concerning IT projects, the differences between theory and practice is analysed. In particular, IT projects are dealt with. The development of literature and practice of IT projects within the purview of projects in general forces us to view them in isolation and as a separate field. The practices in FNB are them compared with those of IT projects. It is found that there are two structures to the projects at FNB. Those following the traditional process as well as those following the modern IT structure. However, most of the projects at FNB are associated with user systems which are IT in nature and hence follow the project lifecycle as determined by IT projects. However, some limitations and weaknesses, the project framework seems to be the future for organizations doing business (Saynisch, 2005). <br />

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