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Report on Misubishi Motor Cosporation Brand and its Revitalization Strategy

Number of Words : 2008

Number of References : 13


 Introduction 2
 Consumer Based Brand Equity 2
 Brand Value Chain 3
 Brief about Mitsubishi Motors Corporation 4
 Revitalization Strategies 6
 Conclusion 7
 References 8


Brands, which are clearly defined and have intuited purpose beyond rational benefits, connect with people on a human level. Brands leverage intrinsic emotional and cultural cues express their significance and how they want to be perceived by others. It is very essential for organizations to create the brands, which enables them to attract and gain the loyalty of the consumers. The paper discusses the two concepts of consumer based brand equity and brand value chain, which enables the organizations to create and build strong brand image in the consumer’s mind. The paper then discusses the loss of brand image of Mitsubishi Motors Company one of the leading Japanese automakers due to certain drawbacks in their strategies and provides recommendations to overcome them and continue to sustain their brand.<br />

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