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Analysis of the famous case study on Mitsi Tyre Company based on Operations and Supply chain Management

Number of Words : 2019

Number of References : 5


 Introduction 3
 Supply Chain Management of MITSI tyres 3
 (A) Inventory Reduction Program 4
 Reasons of Inventory rising to the level 4
 Target For Reduced Inventory Level 4
 Inventory Reduction Program 5
 Timing Details Of Inventory Reduction Program 7
 (B) Long Term Issues 8
 Calculate Order Quantities 8
 Forecasting 9
 Achieving Targets And Bonuses 9
 Maintaining Inventory 10
 Sales And Operations Planning 10
 Conclusion 12
 References 13


This paper provides answers to the following questions on the case study –<br />You have been asked by the CEO of the parent company to prepare two reports:<br />(A) The first report, for the CEO’s personal review, is to cover your inventory reduction program:<br />1. Describe in detail how and why the inventory rose to its present level.<br />2. Define your target for a reduced inventory level and provide details as to why this level is appropriate.<br />3. Provide a detailed, step by step action plan for your inventory reduction program. This should cover what will be done, how it will be done and who will do it.<br />4. Provide detailed timing for each step listed in part 3 of this report.<br />(B) The second report, also for the CEO’s personal review, is to cover longer term issues. This report should cover issues such as:<br />1. How to calculate order quantities.<br />2. Forecasting.<br />3. Achieving the Goodmich targets and bonuses<br />4. Maintaining inventory at the target level (set in the first report)<br />5. Sales and Operations Planning and any other important matters.<br />

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