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Analysis of the internal and external environment of Mother Energy Drink in the Australian market and recommendations for future operations

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Number of References : 17

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 I. Introduction
 II. Executive Summary
 III. Problem identification
 IV. Buyer’s black Box: Internal and external factors affecting purchase decision
 V. Role of attitudes, culture learning memory
 VI. Target market
 VII. Study of problems confronted by ‘Mother’
 VIII. A Glance at prevailing market scenario
 IX. Recommendations: Areas of improvement and Action plan
 X. Conclusion
 XI. References


This report examines the success of Mother energy drink as opposed to the other predominant ‘energy drinks’ in Australian market. It’s focal would remain the in depth study of customer responses across the highs and lows of the ‘mother energy drink’ starting right from the launch till today. The assignment would adopt a research design gain a comprehensive insight into the market of ‘mother,’ also at the same time would identify the problems and opportunities confronted and its struggle through survival, its failings and fight to re-establishment in the same markets. We would also be addressing issues impacting customer behavior via the lens of internal and external factors, in the light of which we would further analyze the hindrances to the success of ‘mother.’ We would briefly look at the prevailing energy drink market scenario in Australia, the rivals posing threats and challenges. The target market of Mother Energy drink will be studied in detail to identify the potential areas which still remain untouched. <br />Report would attempt to study not only the customer responses but also look at the stimuli triggering varied customer behavior patterns, it would concentrate on the study of major concepts like culture, attitude, motivations which play key role in determining customer’s purchase decision leading to either success or failure depending on the case. Further to which, assignment would seek to formulate a set of recommendations, a new strategy for improvements and action plans to instill a new marketing mix that excites better chances of success for ‘Mother.’(Report, 2007)<br />

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