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Analysis of the famous case study ‘Motivating staff with kind words’

Number of Words : 3895

Number of References : 10


 The Motivation Process 2
 Motivation Theories 2
 Case study problem 3
 Motivational Factors 3
 Financial Rewards 4
 Other Incentives 4
 Non Financial Benefits 4
 Is money a motivator? 4
 Classical Approach 5
 Taylor’s Scientific Theory 5
 Systems Approach 5
 Modern motivational theories 5
 Content based theory 5
 McClelland’s Theory of Needs 5
 Need for Achievement (nAch) 5
 Need for Power 6
 Need for Affiliation 6
 Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory 7
 Hierarchy of Needs Theory: 7
 Mc Gregor’s Theory X and Y 8
 Aldefer’s ERG Theory 9
 Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory 9
 Process based theory 10
 Goal Setting Theory 10
 Pearson’s Equity Theory 10
 Reinforcement Theory: 11
 Instrumental/Expectancy based theory 11
 Vroom’s Expectancy Theory 11
 Conclusion 12
 References 12


The paper answer 3 questions given at the end of the case study – <br />1. Identify & Explain what theories of motivation Roger appeared to be relying on to motivate his staff?<br />2. What Motivation theory demonstrate the inadequacy of his approach?<br />3. Do you think Roger’s Motivation plan worked? Why or Why not?<br />

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