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Marketing Plan on Mount Franklin Mineral Water

Number of Words : 2973

Number of References : 12

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 Introduction 4
 Mission Statement 5
 Situation Analysis 5
 a. Internal environment ( 5
 Products 5
 Financial and non-financial situation 6
 Channels: 6
 b. External environment 6
 Markets 7
 Competitive environment 7
 Economic environment ( 7
 Demographic environment 8
 Social and cultural environment 8
 Political and legal environment: 8
 Technological environment 9
 c. SWOT analysis 9
 Strengths 9
 Weakness: 9
 Opportunities ( 10
 Threats 10
 d. Critical issues 10
 Marketing Objectives 10
 Marketing Strategies 11
 a. Target markets: 11
 b. Product strategies: 12
 c. Pricing strategies 12
 d. Promotion strategies ( 13
 e. Distribution strategies: 13
 Recommendations for Change 13
 Implementation plan 14
 References 15


Mount Franklin is the leading mineral water company in Australia and owned by Coca-Cola Amatil. The companies slogan of ‘drink positive, think positive' explains the company’s ideology and mottoc . Company’s involvement with organizations that deal work environmental issues is a prime example of their care for environmental issues. The company is competing in a market that is dynamic and offers a lot of opportunities. This dynamic nature of the market attracts a lot of companies which raises the competition. Various factors like internal environment and external environment plays a major role in the company’s success. Mount Franklin’s brand name is the strength of the company while it’s dependency on natural resources and on PET bottles is a threat. There are a lot of opportunities for the company to grow and venture into other markets. The competition in the market is the major threat that the company faces. <br />The main objectives of the company are:<br />• Understand the effect that the company’s activities has on the environment<br />• Minimize any harmful impact that the company has on the environment<br />• Provide customers with pure bottled water of the highest quality<br />Mount Franklin has adopted innovative marketing strategies to promote its products. Their strategy primarily concentrates on quality and then on pricing. There innovative ways of prompting their products involve effective using of e-commerce and ads in television. Their campaign to raise money for National Breast Cancer Foundation was a great way of working for a cause as well as marketing their products. It helped them grabs the attention of the customers.<br />Few recommendations made to the company are:<br />• Venture into new markets<br />• Concentrate on health benefits and purity<br />• Find an alternative for PET bottles<br />

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