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Analysis of the famous Nursing case study on Mrs Diane Kiros-Perez’s type II diabetes mellitus

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 This paper is based on the following case study –
 Mrs Diane Kiros-Perez is a public servant who has been treated for type II diabetes mellitus since she had her son nine years ago. She is overweight and continues to smoke 10 cigarettes a day. Mrs Kiros-Peres has had a number of admissions to the hospital over the past 3 years for stabilization of her diabetes mellitus and has become insulin dependent in the last 12 months. On Sunday evening, while watching TV with her husband Claudio, Diane collapsed. Claudio rings ambulance and within 20 minutes Ms Kiros-Perez arrives to the emergency department on a stretcher. She is now conscious, confused, sweaty and looks unwell. She is struggling to breathe and oxygen is being administered by facemask. The triage nurse and consultant take handover from the paramedic.
 The following signs are quickly measured and recorded:
 PR: 110 bpm
 BP: 100/70 mmHg
 RR: 35 breaths/min, shallow
 SpO2: unable to be determined
 Temperature: 36.5 º C
 The chest has widespread coarse crackles throughout both lung fields
 Claudio reported that in the past week, Diane complained of swelling in her feet and weakness on ambulation. The consultant ordered laboratory tests, chest X-ray and ECG,which revealed:
 BGL: 10 mmol/l
 CXR: increased whiteness in the lung fields & cardiac hypertrophy
 ECG: sinus tachycardia


This paper answers the following questions on the case study – <br />Discuss Mrs Kiros-Perez clinical signs and symptoms with the related<br />pathophysiology<br />Suggest potential diagnoses and discuss further tests which may be relevant in<br />Mrs Kiros-Perez case<br />Discuss appropriate pharmacological management<br />Assignments must be typed using double spacing and size 11 or 12 font; text must be left justified<br />Text should be frequently divided using headings that describe the main elements of the discussion<br />All pages must be numbered consecutively from the title page<br />Assignment cover sheet and marking guide must be submitted with the case study<br />Referencing must conform to American Psychological Association (APA)<br />guidelines<br />A reference list must be included with each assignment<br />

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