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Topic - Mudarabah as a form of financial intermediation within Islamic Framework

Number of Words : 5015

Number of References : 9


  What is Financial Intermediation in Capitalist Economies
  What is Islamic Framework
  Introduction of Islamic Banking
  Islamic Banks as Financial Intermediaries
  Observing Shariah Principles
  Shariah Concepts in Islamic Banking
  Mudarabah as per Quran and Sunnah
  Mudarabah in the light of Islamic History
  What is Mudarabah?
  Two Tier Mudarabah
  Parties to Investment
  Capital of Mudarabah
  Types of Mudarabah
  Difference Between Mudarabah and Musharakah
  Distribution of Profit
  Mudarabah Expenses
  How Mudarabh Relationship can be terminated
  Different Capacities of Mudarib
  Combination of Mudarabah and Musharakah
  Musharakah and Modarabah as Modes of Financing
  Modes of Financing:
  Uses of Mudarabah


In order to analyze Shariah rules in Islamic Transactions, I have been given a choice to select a topic from three options and write five thousand words on that topic. In order to complete my assignment, I have selected topic three “Mudarbah as a form of financial intermediation within Islamic framework”.<br />Before I start to analyze what is mudarabah and how it works, It is essential to get a background of the basic concepts involved in this topic, including financial intermediation, Islamic banking to have a clear understanding of the topic.<br />At the start I would like to define, what is meant by financial intermediation.<br />

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