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Project analysis of Mumbai Airport and Mass Redevelopment Scheme

Number of Words : 3212

Number of References : 13


 1.0 Introduction 3
 2.0 Project Background 3
 3.0 Project Context 4
 4.0 Stakeholders 5
 4.1 Internal / Industry Stakeholders 5
 4.2 External / Community Stakeholders 5
 4.3 Stakeholder Relationships 5
 4.4 Stakeholders Management Strategy 7
 5.0 Organisational structure 8
 6.0. Roles, responsibilities and relationships of project team members 10
 7.0 Team development and conflict 12
 8.0 Conclusion 13
 9.0 Recommendations 14
 10.0 List of References 15


Mumbai Airport and Mass Redevelopment Scheme contract is about the up gradation of existing facilities at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, India such as air traffic control, personnel movement, offices, logistical support activities, commercial activities and so on. The contract has been awarded to Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL), a consortium comprising of GVK Industries Limited and Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) was selected to undertake the entire mass redevelopment scheme. Mechanical and civil works have been subcontracted to Leighton India Limited. The project report is complete with all the information such as project scope, objectives, financials etc. However, it lacks sufficient human resource planning, which is crucial to the success of the project. Although, the stake holding companies share different work responsibilities, there is a need for a centralized team comprising of managers from all the stake holding companies. The project plan also lacks other aspects of human resource planning such as the number of manpower required for the project, responsibility assignment matrix, reporting schedule and modes, the duration and time the specific manpower required in the course of project execution etc. Another shortfall of the project planning is that it fails to provide a single point of or a single node that is wholly responsible for the project such as either the ACSA Project Manager or the GVK Project Manager. The paper also recommends the project team to have a single project manager responsible for both commercial activities and operations.<br />

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